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2019 Courses

British Wheel of Yoga
Foundation Course 1

Self Centre, Bury St Edmunds

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Dates for 2019
16th March
6th April
4th May
8th June
6th July
14th September
5th October
2nd November


Thinking of becoming a yoga teacher?
Or just keen to widen and strengthen your knowledge? Then the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course is for you. A precursor to the Level 4 BWY Teacher Training Diploma or end in itself, the FC1 is a journey of self discovery, helping you to develop a personal yoga practice while learning about all aspects of yoga. This course is classified as personal development.

British Wheel of Yoga
Foundation Course 2

Boiler House, Bury St Edmunds + 
Five-day study retreat in
Västmanland, Sweden

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Dates for 2019
20th October
17th November
15th December
12th January
9th February
15th March
15th April
20th-24th May study retreat (Sweden)


The FC2 is a personal development course for those who have already completed FC1 or have equivalent recorded prior learning. FC2 further deepens our enjoyment of the philosophy underpinning yoga and develops an individual and sustainable home meditation and pranayama practice. It is designed to be a slow exploration of self-study. The study retreat in Sweden provides a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in which you will be able to finish the course, fully absorb and embed the teachings and return highly motivated to continue your meditation home practice.  This course is only open to eight students.


British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Module: Yoga for People Living with Cancer
Hemingford Abbots Village Hall,
High Street, Huntingdon,
Cambridgeshire, PE28 9AH

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Dates for 2019
13th April
18th May  
15th June  
20th July
7th September
12th October 

In the UK one in two people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime (Cancer Research UK). Many will turn to yoga for support in dealing with the trauma of diagnosis and treatment. Whether the intention is to specialise in this type of work or not, this module will develop the personal qualities as well as the professional skills that are needed in working with people with cancer: caring and compassion, most obviously, but also the maturity and detachment that allow one to care and to be compassionate without becoming inappropriately involved emotionally, or drained energetically.  




Teacher training is best undertaken with mentoring.

If you decide to go on to teacher training you will most likely find courses which are condensed into intense weekends or whole weeks. This can lead to students feeling rather overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge. Receiving a one-off mentoring session can be highly refreshing, tidy up those floating ideas and improve self-confidence. Kari is especially good at explaining and simplifying complex philosophical ideas. She is also an external assessor for the British Wheel of Yoga's teacher training programme.