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About me

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I am a UK-based yoga teacher-trainer with a community practice across East Anglia. I began my practice in 1994 at a local community class in Stoke Newington, London after experiencing many years of a debilitating chronic repetitive strain injury. The felt experience of yoga brought so many benefits, many hidden at first to slowly reveal deeper mental and emotional calm. I decided to qualify as a teacher in 2000. My background is in journalism and working for a broadsheet during the pre-social media years while teaching yoga was a natural balance - you need to live in the real world to know what people experience and need.



I was fortunate to train with Viniyoga teacher Margaret Woodley and I keep the tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar alive in my teaching, fusing Viniyoga with Scaravelli ideas to bring a therapeutic experience, whether you are a student looking for higher levels of fitness or dealing with a life-challenging illness. I teach in the community, run retreats in Sweden, give workshops, train at Foundation level and provide mentoring and one-to-one.  My own teaching is a morphing of many ideas and is empirical and individual. I am well-respected for my teaching style and delivery.




Diploma in  Yoga Teaching 500 hours
British Wheel of Yoga, 2004
Remedial Yoga Stage I
Yoga for Health Foundation, 2006
Foundation Course 1 Tutor Training
British Wheel of Yoga, 2006
Teaching Yoga to People Living With Cancer
Julie Friedeberger/British Wheel of Yoga, 2010
Foundation Course 2 Tutor Training
British Wheel of Yoga, 2014


Anatomy Trains in Motion
Tom Myers, London 2014

Level 4 Certificate in Working Therapeutically
with Mindfulness and Compassion

Mindfulness UK, 2014
Teaching Restorative Yoga
Camyoga, 2017
Level I and II Teacher Training in
Yin/Yang and Mindfulness Meditation

Insight Yoga, 2017-18