Why I love Sweden


There is something deeply relaxing and restorative about being in natural surroundings. In Sweden nature is highly accessible and the government is sensitive to protecting and preserving nature. Researchers worldwide are finding a direct link between nature and improved wellbeing and that exposure to nature stimulates the “default mode” networks of the brain. These default mode networks provide qualities of restful introspection, divergent thinking, sophisticated emotional awareness and heightened creativity. Getting to know the Swedish countryside with my Swedish partner, and making new friends in Västmanland working in the field of holistic therapies, has given me the opportunity to combine yoga and nature. Sweden is the perfect setting to explore stillness and when the noise and activity of our lives ceases, we can reconnect with ourselves and discover who we really are.


Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat
Svartadalen, Sweden

Includes accommodation at Edens Garden http://edensgarden.se/en/, yoga and meditation
tuition with all equipment provided, all Ayurvedic meals provided by specialist chef Wendy Dierderen, airport transfers from Stockholm Västerås, Tibetan bowl and Shamanic drum meditation
and gong sound bath.


22-26 May 2019 (seven places) - now booking


Situated in rural Sweden, amidst lakes and forests in the area of the Black River Valley of Svartådalen, the retreat covers all aspects of yoga including pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation. Cleanse and purify your body with a sonically-charged gong bath, Tibetan bowls and the healing power of the Shamanic drum. Nourish yourself with clean air, pure water and Ayurvedic cooking by our specialist chef Wendy Diederen pdf download. Pamper yourself with extras including Swedish hot-tub, reiki, Tibetan singing bowl massage, Ayurvedic massage, or luxuriate in the unique sound vibration of the monochord bed. Experience stillness on Lake Hällsjön with an experienced canoe instructor or hire a bicycle and explore peaceful forest and lakeside tracks.

Sound healing modalities



Wellness Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Våstmanland, Sweden

Includes restorative yoga, yin and yang yoga, Scaravelli-inspired Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, day outing to an old Swedish manor and spa, yoga nidra, all meals provided with locally produced foods from the forest and farm, wood-fired sauna, airport transfers and accommodation. The group is maximum four persons and each individual is given personal guidance for their practice whether a beginner or experienced. The retreat includes a day outing to a grand mansion at Färna Herrgård www.farnaherrgard.se  where we will take a spa and it is optional whether to book the Swedish-style afternoon tea. Cross-country skiing is an optional extra (weather permitting).



19th-23rd February 2020 (five places)


Enhance creativity, health and wellbeing with this five-day exclusive retreat immersed in nature and beautifully situated on the Bruksleden hiking trail of Västmånland, Sweden. Winter is a time to reflect, look inwards and restore. The retreat is a collaboration with owner Hellen Wistrand, who has won many awards for her unique and authentic accommodation and is known for excellent wild cooking. Ulvsbomuren is located approximately ten kilometres north-west of the hamlet of Ramnäs along the river Kolbäcksån. It is a place of wilderness meeting rural life. Accommodation is unique provided in the Bykhuset, a charming  laundry house and yoga takes place by the wood burner in Smedjan, the blacksmith forge.