Yin Yang and Mindfulness

Yin yoga effectively releases tensions held deep within our bodies, often in dense areas of connective tissue at the joint sites.  Yin tunes in to the intelligent life-force vitality known as ‘chi’ underlying our physiology and nourishes this energetic system. Yang will improve strength and stamina and compliment the work of Yin. Ending with mindfulness meditation, this class will improve mental and emotional stability and those practising regularly, will experience increased levels of inner calm. Bookable six sessions and used within a year, £50 or drop in £12. Classes at Clay Farm Centre, Trumpington https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/clay-farm-centre Wednesdays 6.15-7.30pm. Classes: 26 June, 3rd, 10th, 17th July.


Yoga for people with life-challenging illness and recovery

A gentle class combining yoga, mindfulness and self-compassion to maintain and restore wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring inner peace. For many conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, cancer etc. Core practices include Pawanmuktasana (energy releasing), mindfulness breathing, Yoga Nidra and emotional awareness meditation.  Can be booked on a one-to-one basis for healing.


Gentle Hatha

Designed for those with commonly experienced musculo-skeletal and age-related issues. The practice interweaves guided, simple vinyasa and utilises the breath and relaxation techniques.  

Yin and Yang

The class is a mixture of energetic vinyasa and slow-releasing Yin style postures (read about Yin above). Yang will improve strength and stamina giving that cardiovascular work out combined with short sequences to restore a healthy flow of chi to the vital organs and the whole energetic system. For all ages and abilities. £50 for six sessions to be used at any time provided it is within a year of purchase or drop in £12.  Classes at Clay Farm Centre, Trumpington https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/clay-farm-centre Wednesdays 6.15-7.30pm. Please email for dates coming up.



Dynamic Hatha

Hatha and Scaravelli-inspired classical yoga, designed  for all levels of ability, includes pranayama and meditation.


The 'Art of Slow'

'Samadhi' is a practice in itself moving towards the ‘settled mind’ state and is the philosophy taught by Patanjali, that within us peace exists and it is only ourselves who can bring it back into our lives. Practice includes pranayama, concentration and meditation and ends with deep relaxation 'Yoga Nidra'.


Yoga for people living with cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be a very disturbing and anxious time with treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy challenging the immune system. This class brings three core practices together to encourage healing: Pawanmuktasana (energy releasing), breath awareness exercises and emotional awareness meditation. Gentle asana (postures) are included with specific modifications. One day you are living an everyday life and the next you are confronted with a life-threatening disease. Finding calm and grounding is important at this time. 

Bookable through Maggies Wallace, Cambridge.  www.maggiescentres.org/our-centres/maggies-wallace-cambridge/ 



Guided practice encouraging a non-striving and therapeutic approach with postures held and enhanced with breath and relaxation techniques.